"Alhamdulillah, the MAA has proven to be the best extracurricular program that my child is enrolled in. The dedication of the coaches and administration to provide a healthy, educational, and fun environment for skills acquisition and sports training for children is exceptional. Through the program's emphasis on character development, parents have commented to me about the improvement in the behaviour and etiquette of their children. I pray that Allah continues to place His tawfiq on all those involved in MAA with the best of rewards."

Imam Zahir Bacchus
Lote Tree Foundation

"I have 3 children enrolled into MAA. The coaches are well trained and provide a safe and fun environment for all the kids. The kids look forward to their MAA session all week and when it finally ends, they leave with smiles on their faces and are already talking about their next session. It is a good wholesome environment where proper Islamic manners are taught in addition to necessary skills and knowledge that help keep the kids healthy and teach them how to maintain it. May Allah SWT bless you for your time and effort in guiding the youth of our time."

Dr. Ijaz Chaudhry
MAA Parent

"For me MAA is not just a sports camp, it is a venue for my son to meet other Muslim kids his age and develop friendships that I'm hoping will last for years to come. The coaches at MAA work closely with all the kids and provide a healthy environment to help develop their social skills. At first, my son Eesa was very shy and didn't want to attend, but now he can't wait for the program to start up again. Eesa often talks about the lessons he has learned and the games he has played when we pick him up from camp. My favourite part of camp is when I arrive 15 minutes early to pick him up and Eesa runs up to me with a big smile on his face telling me about all the fun games he has played or excited to show me the new tricks he has learned playing hockey. For any parent looking for a balanced nurturing environment full of fun activities, I highly recommend this program. I can't wait for camp to start up again! I want to thank all the coaches for devoting their time and I wish you future success."

Eesa's Mother
MAA Parent