Muslim Athletic Academy

Using recreation to build a healthy community

MAA is committed to bringing a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude to the children of the Greater Toronto Area. Through the passion of several individuals, a program has been developed which includes a series of mini-camps intended to accomplish this goal. These mini-camps serve as an effective way to better the Muslim youth physically and mentally by focusing on the character development of the children.

our approach

Children are taught and instilled with today's valuable skills necessary for both personal growth and personal success: team work, discipline, confidence and leadership. In an era where children spend most of their weekends playing video games or watching television, one of the main goals of the Muslim Athletic Academy is to bring children away from their televisions and computer screens and enjoy the benefits of physical activities.

The program is designed to make physical education enjoyable for the kids. To achieve this, the mini-camps include many different sports and games including floor hockey, basketball and soccer. From each sport skills are taught by seasoned instructors, practiced and implemented through activities which helps lead to a healthy lifestyle both on and off the playing surface.